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Haltian camera design engineer

Haltian team has decades of expertise in camera design and engineering. Marko Sarasmo, Principal Engineer in Hardware Design, explains some of the key topics to be considered in a camera design project. Marko has about 20 years of experience in designing user interface hardware and integrating various sensors, including cameras. And in engineering, nothing can beat the experience as that is the key to the successful decisions.

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Engineering Decisions in Camera Design Project

There are various important design elements in the camera. First, you need to choose the components of high quality with a decent price. In this as in any other sourcing project it helps if you have a wide network of connections as Haltian sourcing team has. After this the real engineering expertise comes into the picture when you need to integrate the sensors. For example, things like providing clean power for the imaging sensor can affect the picture quality.  Or you need to carefully choose and implement an infrared filter to improve the colors in the images. The list of issues you need to pay attention to is long – optics, thermal issues, emissions, megapixels, electronics, image quality – to mention a few.

Testing and Fine-Tuning in Crucial Role

Even after all the careful choices in the hardware design it is typical that you will still face some unexpected issues that need debugging and fixing when testing your camera prototypes in the laboratory. That is why you need to remember to book long enough implementation time for your camera project. Nobody wants to compromise with the quality. Luckily Haltian team includes several people that are enthusiastic photographers during their leisure time. Their help makes it easier and more reliable to evaluate the quality level of images.

Using Cameras in Various Industries

Overall, the recent development of digital cameras has been fast. There are more and more industries utilizing the camera technology, for example hyperspectral imaging cameras like Specim. However, there are still many industries where cameras could help in various use cases. For example, why not to monitor the heart rate of the elderly in the nursing home with the help of cameras? This and many other exciting use cases are completely doable today with the help of image recognition and machine vision.

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