How to install Thingsee ENVIRONMENT IoT device [video]

How to install Thingsee ENVIRONMENT IoT device

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT is a multipurpose, retrofittable, wireless IoT sensor for environment monitoring indoors. This small IoT device can be used for various business verticals and it can make any building a smart building in seconds! Here’s a video on how to install Thingsee ENVIRONMENT IoT device.

Like all Haltian Thingsee IoT devices, Thingsee ENVIRONMENT comes to our customer ready to use without need for any further set-up. Once you have installed your Thingsee gateway device, you simply pull out Thingsee ENVIRONMENT’s battery seal, and the device begins sending data immediately!

To check more detailed installation instruction, visit our support pages.

What can I use Thingsee ENVIRONMENT for?

With Thingsee ENVIRONMENT you can monitor: temperature, barometric pressure, ambient light and humidity. In addition, this IoT device has an accelerometer and a magnetic switch. The most common use cases for Thingsee ENVIRONMENT are:

  • Indoor environment monitoring
  • monitoring open/closed position of doors and windows (using the magnetic switch)
  • monitoring machine usage rates (using accelerometer)

Find out more about Thingsee ENVIRONMENT from our product page.