IoT Solutions Summit 2020: Unboxing Smart Buildings’ Success – event recording

unboxing smart building's success

On December 2nd 2020 we held a successful virtual event, all about unboxing smart buildings! We were joined by industry experts: James McHale from consulting company Memoori; Robbert Heekelaar from logistics and real estate company Prologis; and Jani Vehkalahti from technology company Wirepas. In addition, we had amazing speeches from Haltian CEO, Pasi Leipälä, VP of sales and marketing Janne Kilpeläinen and Head of Empathic Building, Tomi Teikko. Our event was hosted by award-winning speaker, entrepreneur and author, André Noël Chaker.

You can now watch the entire recording below, or watch all presentation one by one from the link at the end of this post.

The impact of IoT on Building Design and User Experience

James McHale from Memoori opened the event and talked about the impact of IoT in the context of building design ad user experience. In his speech, James highlighted that one of the most important questions that should be raised in the discussion around smart buildings, is not whether the building has some technology or not, but what is the building’s purpose, and is it fulfilling said purpose?

Watch the recording here.

What makes a building become a smart building and how to make one

Haltian CEO and Co-founder Pasi Leipälä continued on James’s topic on what makes a building smart and how to actually make them.

Typically, there are certain stages on making something ‘smart’: you begin by gathering data from various sources, then you need to process and integrate the data somewhere. What comes next, is bringing the data visible, and finally, and perhaps most importantly, utilizing the data. Find out more and watch the recording here.

How can a Digital Twin create better Employee Experiences

Founder and head of Empathic Building, Tomi Teikko, talked about digital twins, and how they can help in creating better employee experiences. In his presentation, Tomi introduces different digital twin concepts and solving end-user problems in offices.

Watch the recording here.

Reliable and open IoT Ecosystem to scale your business

Haltian VP of Sales and Marketing, Janne Kilpeläinen, covered the ecosystem side of the event: what does it take to scale an IoT solution, and what has Haltian done in order to create a truly scalable and open IoT ecosystem.

Watch the recording here.

Benefits of an open IoT Ecosystem

In the roundtable discussion “Benefits of an open IoT Ecosystem” Robbert Heekelaar from Prologis, and Jani Vehkalahti from Wirepas, joined Janne to discuss open IoT Ecosystem. In this discussion you will, for example, find out what lasagna has to do with IoT!

Watch the recording here.

What is Haltian’s next leapfrog step and how will you benefit from it

Pasi Leipälä finished the event by revealing some if the next steps for Haltian. Watch the recording of the final speech of the event here.

smart offices and facilitites aim for the best possible end-user experience with IoT solutions. This is the future of smart buildings

Empathy and smart buildings

What is the future of smart buildings? We interviewed Tomi Teikko to talk about how empathy could be present in smart offices.

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