Reliable and open IoT Ecosystem to scale your business

unboxing smart building's success

Watch Janne Kilpeläinen’s speech from IoT Solutions Summit 2020: Unboxing Smart Buildings’ Success “Reliable and open IoT Ecosystem to scale your business”.

Janne is the VP of Sales and Marketing, Haltian. With a strong international career, leading sales and marketing teams, Janne looks after Haltian’s revenue growth. Prior to Haltian, Janne worked over 20 years in product management, marketing and sales, the majority of these years outside of Europe. Experience from publicly listed software and hardware companies, such as Nokia, BlackBerry and CDK Global, helps Janne to build sales teams, customer relationships, distributor channels and marketing, reaching Haltian’s audience. Working with customers and solving their problems with Haltian’s solutions makes every day exciting!

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