IoT devices – Things that Thingsee can do

Thingsee Distance IoT sensor on a chip

Haltian Thingsee platform solution is a one-stop-shop for IoT solutions and digitalization. Over the years, Thingsee has been used for many purposes — some of them quite surprising!

In this post, we’re going to list all (or most) of the use cases our Haltian IoT devices have made a difference to our client’s operations. Many of our customers are secret, but there are many public references as well.

Thingsee PRESENCE – wireless IoT device for occupancy monitoring

Thingsee PRESENCE sensor measures

Thingsee PRESENCE is a wireless IoT device for measuring people presence through your facility. You can use this sensor for facility management and occupancy detection in various places such as offices, hospitals or restaurants.

Thingsee PRESENCE is being used to monitor people presence in rooms and desks by many of our clients. Empathic Building service is a cool example of what Thingsee PRESENCE can do. This IoT device is also used by our customers Steerpath and Taitori.

Thingsee presence sensor under the table, smart buildings

Thingsee PRESENCE can be used for visitor counting as well and it can be found in the washrooms of Helsinki-Vantaa airport!

Thingsee COUNT people counter

Thingsee COUNT is a directional people counter for for smart building and smart office applications. The device is installed above a doorway or other passageway from where it detects movement beneath the device and reports the amount of times movement has been detected as well as its direction.

Thingsee COUNT people counting solution installed above a doorway with a person walking through it

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT – multipurpose IoT device

thingsee environment measures

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT is a multipurpose wireless IoT sensor for all kinds of environment monitoring. It can be used for a variety of business verticals. The possibilities for Thingsee ENVIRONMENT seem to be limitless, but here are some examples of what it can do:

Our partners TietoEVRY and Fingrid use Thingsee ENVIRONMENT for, e.g. temperature and humidity monitoring. It is also used to measure illumination.

environment iot device white corner

Another use case for Thingsee ENVIRONMENT is machine usage monitoring: you can tell if the machine is in use, idle or switched off.

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED – IoT device for harsh environments

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED is a modified version of the environment sensor. There was a clear need for, e.g. condition and machine usage monitoring in harsh conditions. Possible places to use ENVIRONMENT RUGGED are factories and outdoors.

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED IoT device for remote condition monitoring

Our customer Fingrid is using Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED for temperature monitoring outdoors.

IoT solutions for power grid asset condition monitoring outside

Thingsee BEAM – accurate distance measurement

Internet of Things distance measurement

Thingsee BEAM enables extremely accurate distance measurement all the way up to 4 meters. This wireless battery-powered sensor is an excellent tool for measuring, e.g container or dispenser fill rates. Thingsee BEAM can be used for various facility management and inventory applications, as well as other use cases where accurate distance measurement is needed.

Thingsee BEAM IoT device
Thingsee BEAM

Thingsee ANGLE

Thingsee ANGLE sensor measures

Also launched in May, Thingsee ANGLE is a wireless IoT sensor that can be used to measure the angle of any rotational object such as valves. More specifically, it is possible to know the absolute valve’s angle.

Wireless manual valve monitoring

Our customer Stora Enso uses Thinsgee ANGLE for monitoring the position of manual hand valves in their mills. Knowing which valves are open or closed is highly important in many places and operations can stop for hours if just one valve is in the wrong position. Read more on the Stora Enso case here.

Thingsee AIR – the wireless air quality sensor

Thingsee AIR IoT device features
Thingsee AIR sensor mounted on an office wall

Thingsee AIR is a small, wireless, battery-operated IoT sensor for accurate air quality monitoring. It monitors both CO2 and TVOC levels, making it a perfect IoT sensor for indoor air quality monitoring. In addition, Thingsee AIR monitors the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and ambient light levels, making it a truly multipurpose smart building IoT device.

Thingsee AIR is used by many of our customers, and it’s used for Empathic Building as well.

If you live in a snowy place, you might be interested to know that Thingsee DISTANCE has been used to measure the bending of a roof during winter time due to the weight of the snow. With that data it’s possible to know when you need to remove the snow, and optimize cleaning cycles and man power.


Thingsee GATEWAY GLOBAL is a plug & play IoT gateway device for large scale IoT solutions. It can be connected anywhere in the world with its LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT and 2G cellular support.

Thingsee gateway IoT device, easy to install and use

Our gateway is the thing that connects all the sensors, and it is used in almost every use case we have.



Thingsee GATEWAY LAN is the foundation for an on-site edge IoT solution. It is a great on-premises solution that enables edge computing. It is Ethernet connected and USB-C powered.

Right now Thingsee GATEWAY LAN is used paired up with Thingsee ANGLE in valve monitoring.

…and so much more

We have optimized many of our sensors to work in a certain way in particular conditions. In addition, we have made several custom sensors for specific use-cases. These include, for example:

  • water level monitoring
  • asset tracking
  • brake on/off monitoring
  • tracking of luggage trolleys

So there you go, Thingsee does many Things. If you got inspired and want to learn more about our devices, head over to our product pages!