What are the dirtiest places at the airport?

clean smart washroom in a public facility

At times of any disease spreading, people get particularly concerned with the cleanliness of public places. Those places include international airports, where travelers from all over the world pass through.

Our partner Lindström has installed their FlowAbility Washroom solution at Helsinki Airport in Finland, the solution includes Haltian IoT sensors that send real-time information right to the cleaners on whether the washrooms need their attention. In a research conducted by the Finnish institute for health and welfare, the washrooms at Helsinki Airport were not the dirtiest places in the airport, as you might suspect. This is a  true testament to the fact that the automated cleaning system works!

The cleanliness of public areas is a hot topic

The Finnish institute for health and welfare took samples from surfaces in Helsinki Airport most commonly touched by people. The study was conducted to find out if the most common respiratory viruses could be found from the airport. The results have been widely discussed in the social media due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

What was surprising about the results, was that the airport bathrooms were by far not the worst places for viruses to be found. According to an article by Iltalehti -newspaper, the “dirtiest” spots were the boxes people place their items in during security check. A close second was the toy dog at the children’s play area.

Real-time information for the cleaners with smart cleaning system

Finavia’s VP of Passenger Experience and Process, Timo Järvelä, is happy with he result gotten from the washrooms: the system works! The smart cleaning system gives real-time information on the condition of the bathrooms right to the cleaners.

Smart Washroom dispenser showing 70% towel remaining
At Helsinki Airport, IoT sensors send real-time information about the condition of the washrooms

The IoT solution in place includes a visitor counter, which gives great indication to when a certain washroom needs cleaning. In addition, Haltian sensors are placed in the towel and paper dispensers to notify the cleaners when they’re running low. This way, the cleaners can focus their efforts to places where they are truly needed and not do unnecessary checks in every washroom.

Read the original article (in Finnish) here.

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