Lindström’s smart washroom case study video

Smart Washroom dispenser showing 70% towel remaining, IoT, smart washrooms

We have created a showcase video together with our partners – Lindström and Wirepas – demonstrating the original business need, the ingenious technology behind it, the specific achievements and benefits of the end solution.

Even the most complex idea starts with a simple need. For Lindström it was to keep and make their customers happy. They have started with the washroom, but their goal is to expand to all of their products and services. They call it the Lindstrom FlowAbility.

Lindström’s vision and Haltian as a problem-solver

Lindstrom wants to keep ahead of the competitors and create great customer experiences. For that reason, they have implemented their vision of FlowAbility where all their products are connected to cloud and have the intelligence to communicate relevant information to the user. To create this solution is needed knowledge in many different areas such as electronics product development, customer understanding, business knowledge, cloud and SW services, and mobile applications.

As with many other industry companies, Lindstrom’s core knowledge is neither in the electronics product development nor cloud integration nor SW services nor mobile applications. Likewise, they contacted Haltian to help them realize their vision of connected devices. With us, it was possible to handle entirely their business problem, requirements and expectations. With 20+ years of experience and 30+ successful world-class products created, we were able to manage the project with professionalism and agility and collaborate with great team partners.

Smart washroom tracking system

Within 6 months from Lindström first contact, we deployed successfully the first batch of sensors with the supporting cloud and SW systems in Iso Omena shopping mall. For the past 9 months, we have been adding more sensors in tenths of various places such as Finavia.

The video below is a brief description of the initial business idea, the ingenious technology used, the concrete accomplishments and the next phases. Download the case study to know in more detail how we did it.