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Haltian product design and new product development services will help you succeed.

Get 20+ years of engineering, product design and new product development experience into your team – no matter whether you are a startup or a well-established industry leader.

We have a proven, holistic approach in our new product development services to help you to succeed every step of the way: From engineering to negotiations with your investors.

Under our portfolio we have wearable technology such as smart rings and smart glasses; imaging devices such as 360 degrees and action cameras; GPS tracking devices; SteamVR; and healthcare technology.

We specialize in wireless product with extreme miniaturization and low power consumption.

How we turn your idea to reality

From concept to mass production

Product concept design

Let’s set your path to success

Concept design is the first part of any new product development project. It will give you the initial big picture of all the different stages of the development process and shows us what problems the product will solve, how it will solve them, and what it will feel like. It can be said that the very soul of innovation lies in the concept study, when we consider all sweeping ideas and various possibilities.

Product development

Prototypes speak louder than a thousand words

When we create a prototype, it’s the first time you get to hold an actual working device in your hands. The prototype is something you can show to investors and other stakeholders. The main purpose of the prototype is to help you make decision concerning the product development and allow you to see possible improvement and changes you wish to make to the product.


Launch your product

We help you engage with manufacturers and manage the device lifecycle. For ease of operations, we can manage the manufacturing and logistics as a service. At the end of this phase, you’re on the market and ready to start ringing the cash register!

Hardware design & development

UX & UI design

RF & antenna engineering

Mechanical engineering

Design validation testing


Custom software development

Industrial design

Electrical engineering

Material sourcing

Production testing

Mass production support

Embedded system development

System concept study & design

Wireless design

Product ruggedization

Product certification

After-sales support

Product design and new Product development

Concept study calculator

How much would your product development cost?

We have created a cost calculator with the most common variables for a wireless product. This is based on several decades of experience and varied projects: Simple and complex products; small and big devices; short and long projects.

You can try the calculator as many times as you want for different variations.

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It’s very simple, Haltian is a world class product development team with a No-Bullshit approach and endless creativity. We trust Haltian to deliver on our ambition to create modern precision instruments.

Rhys Newman, Founder, OMATA

We worked very closely with Haltian and I think we wouldn’t have finished the project on time, and with such quality, without them. We are extremely happy with the co-operation and would recommend anyone to seek out their help if in need – because hardware is hard.

Jon Helgi, Head of Design, Genki Instruments

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