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Our unique devices and services offering allows you to quickly test and try alternatives to digitalize your business operations. Our experts will guide you the entire way and together with our partners we can offer you a top-of-the-line commercial IoT solution all the way from affordable Thingsee sensors to managing your Commercial IoT installations globally.


We help you get to pilots and scale up from there

Get from A to Z with the help of our expert team and Starter  Packages. Proof the business value first and move to commercial operations easily.

Service design and technology consultation

Service design and technology consultation

Benefit from years of experience in building the internet of things.

We have been in the business for a long time and built various solutions from ground up. Tap in to our experience to make wise choices from the beginning.

Thingsee sensors

Full stack development

Full stack development

We provide you with complete IoT solutions. You get  devices and data layer services that work through solution life cycle. Data flows to your backend system providing intended value. Our partners complement our offering with required analytics, visualizations and scalability.

Press release: A complete data layer solution

Custom made IoT devices

Custom made IoT devices

Often you need a completely new IoT device to match your solution. We have completed more than 60 projects since 2012. Our Thingsee IoT devices platform provides a solid starting point for custom IoT devices development.

Custom design: Snowfox Trackerphone

Build your IoT with the best partners

We collaborate with leading IOT & tech companies to best support your solution – yet make it easy for you by managing the project end-to-end. We choose the right partners for backend and data services, IOT technologies  and system integration. Our Thingsee IoT devices Platform is the most advanced data layer solution on the market today.

Learn more about Thingsee IoT Devices Platform:

IOT Partners

 Read a case study


download ABI Research case study

 “The FlowAbility Washroom solution will enable the Lindström Group to achieve its strategic goal of improving customer experience, by implementing a low-cost custom sensor design with a complementary mesh networking solution to provide scalability.

ABI Research Location Technologies analyst Sam McLaughlin


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