Gartner names Haltian a Cool Vendor for IoT Services 2018

Gartner and Haltian logos with Thingsee devices

There are these moments on a journey of a company where you can really celebrate and enjoy. On 17th of April Gartner, a highly reputed industry analyst named Haltian a Cool Vendor in IoT Services 2018. It is a recognition many companies seek but only a few will ever achieve. We are very proud to be accepted to this group of companies. Gartner analysts nominate vendors with innovations that have the potential to transform their markets. Only a handful are chosen for each report, and each vendor can only appear in one report.

“A Cool Vendor is a company that has figured out a way to bring to light the technology trends that are happening today. It’s really about picking up a current trend in the market and turning it into a new way to do something — like a new product or service.”


Haltian can solve Internet of Things challenges for Enterprise customers

Haltian team at Thingsee IoT Summit
Haltian team together with Lindström representatives at 2018 Thingsee IoT Summit. Together we are building Finland´s largest IoT network.

Internet of Things is driving digital transformation across industries — but not without challenges for many organizations. For CIOs seeking support for such challenges, we highlight three Cool Vendors that demonstrate IoT implementation expertise and use of key IoT assets for project success. Gartner described the three companies and why they were chosen for the recognition.

Gartner highlighted 5 key things why they think Haltian is cool:
  1. Our Thingsee IoT devices platform allows us to reach custom solutions with less customization efforts for a single IoT customer
  2. As a complete defragmented IoT data layer solution we can help customers scale their IoT solutions and services easier
  3. Haltian can optimize solution contents for each customer using in-house cloud platform
  4. We can use a big part of our hardware and cloud platform when creating new services
  5. Our track record in hardware design and engineering makes Haltian a strong partner in making new IoT hardware

Gartner also pointed out that we need to keep a strong focus on the development to meet the great potential. Our specific market is going to grow more than 100 percent in the next few years and we are well positioned for the growth.

By 2021, more than 40% of midsize to large enterprises will use external IoT services for ongoing IoT operations, up from 15% today. Source Gartner 

Thingsee Operations Cloud visual
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