First-rate facility management and cleaning solution with FacilityApps

Read how FacilityApps uses Haltian Thingsee IoT solution to provide a first-rate facility management and cleaning solution
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FacilityApps is a facility management software company, with a first-rate facility management and cleaning solution, utilizing i.e., IoT and Business Intelligence Dashboards. Read how Haltian provides FacilityApps with IoT sensors for real-time fill level and utilization data.

Starting point

Real-time data with IoT sensors

The facility industry is shifting quickly towards ‘Cleaning on Demand and maybe even ‘Pay per Usetype of services. To make this happen, buildings need sensors that will trigger actions and cleaners will need to have an application to receive tasks. With long experience in the field of facility management, FacilityApps has developed a comprehensive software solution for managing facilities and cleaning.

FacilityApps has their own amazing software development team and to make their solution complete, they were looking for an IoT hardware provider with wireless sensors that could provide real-time data on paper and towel dispenser fill levels. Haltian was the only IoT solution provider with such a sensor device, and soon other Haltian Thingsee IoT devices were added to the solution. In addition to the IoT sensors, easy integration was a big requirement for FacilityApps. With Haltian, the data gathered by the sensors is transferred to Thingsee OPERATIONS CLOUD, from where its relayed to the customer’s own system seamlessly.


Off-the-shelf IoT hardware for comprehensive facility management solution

Collaboration between Haltian and FacilityApps started in 2018 and continues today. Haltian provides the Thingsee BEAM sensor for towel and paper dispenser fill level monitoring, as well as the Thingsee PRESENCE sensor for visitor counting for passageways.

Both devices are wireless, easy to install and provide real-time data for FacilityApps solution.

All the sensors connect to each other creating a mesh network, which makes the installation easy as well as reliable in any building. Data is relayed via Thingsee GATEWAY having embedded standard cellular connectivity that works anywhere in the world. Haltian’s support team overseas all the installations giving FacilityApps peace of mind and allows them focus on their customers.  

FacilityApps connects to MQTT stream within Thingsee OPERATIONS CLOUD with single stream of data for each of their customers.  

FacilityApps facility management and cleaning solution on mobile screen
FacilityApps tasks and logbook. Image: FacilityApps


Cleaning on demand

With FacilityApps solution, facility managers and cleaning professional can, for example, do quality management, plan their work, view dashboards and perform cleaning on-demand, by checking which spaces are used and how much and only fill dispensers that are running low. The solution saves time and money and enables the staff to focus more on spaces that truly need cleaning instead of doing unnecessary checks.

Haltian and FacilityApps have worked closely together over the years and have customers in several European countries. The companies have also joined forces at  industry events and marketing efforts: “For our jointed marketing strategy, we have teamed up with Haltian a few times on trade shows, because we are complementary to each other. This started after Interclean 2018 where we have met for the first time and then the first joint trade show was Interclean Istanbul 2019, rapidly followed by ISSA 2019 Las Vegas and continued after Corona at  Interclean Amsterdam 2022”, Chris van den Berg, CCO of FacilityApps says.

The sensors from Haltian are scalable and reliable and they have a broad product range for customers to choose from. We have been able to raise our competitive advantage with Haltian’s solution. These are all important prerequisites to do business in the long run. Our shared customer demand warrants a solid partnership for the future.

Chris van den Berg, CCO, FacilityApps

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