Hybrid Work at its finest

Zero-click and 2-click booking remove the friction from hybrid work

Employees are returning to the office … to collaborate. But not 100% at the time. When ‘Me’ time begins, do they want to just sit down on a shared desk or book one in advance?


mobile desk booking
The Problem: Offices are not optimized for Hybrid work

Employees are returning to the office to collaborate but don’t know if their co-workers will be there
Employees also need personal time and space in the offices and can’t always book the space in advance
● Are there enough shared desks for peak hours as hybrid workers return to office?

desks sharing
The Solution

All shared desks, spaces and their reservation statuses are visualized on large touch screens
● Zero-click booking reserves a desk or space just by sitting at it
● Advance bookings can be made with just two simple clicks
● Integration option with enterprise calendars

with or without sensors
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calendar sync
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