Streamline your business with asset tracking

Know where your assets are and how many you have in real time. Streamline your business operations with HITS, the market's most scalable asset tracking solution.
Haltian NANO tag, a part of Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution, attached to a cardboard box.

Track millions of assets

Current solutions for inventory tracking are way too resource-consuming and prone to errors. In addition, wired systems are very expensive, and cannot scale to the needs of global deployments.

Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution (HITS) is the most scalable asset tracking solution in the market, for companies with up to millions of assets in thousands of sites. With the fastest ROI.

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Scalability like no other

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Scale up to thousands of locations and millions of assets, with market-leading asset density. Works out-of-box anywhere in the World.

Fastest ROI

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Up to 90% lower installation and infrastructure costs than the competition, no need for expensive trainings or costly alterations to existing buildings.

No vendor lock-in

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No lock-in for one single vendor. Expand into any existing software or system with our open APIs, and utilize any existing or upcoming asset tags with Wirepas connectivity.

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Understand why you should implement a RTLS solution

In our launch webinar we discuss the challenges in the asset tracking market, how we can help you to solve them, and what advantages our solution delivers over the competition.

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Asset tracking, just where you need it.


Having real time location information helps to increase productivity and reduces manual work by eliminating search times and minimizing time spent counting inventory manually.

Warehouse with high level of stock


Hospital equipment tracking reduces over procurement, eliminates search times improving employee satisfaction and increases asset utilization, increasing the patient safety. 

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Data centers

Tracking your server racks in real-time eliminates search times, automates processes and the better lifecycle management helps data centers to control & plan their growth.

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Unmatched scalability with the fastest ROI, enabled by our cutting-edge innovations.

How it works

Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution can track millions of assets simultaneously, in real-time, from a remote location.

HITS is based on the Wirepas protocol for tracking assets. Watch our webinar to learn more.

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Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution will be a game changer – One of the highest performance, lower cost system for enterprise asset tracking and logistics.

Youssef Kamel, SVP, Smart Tracking and Smart Building Business, Wirepas Oy

Understanding asset tracking

Juhani Savolainen from Haltian discusses the strategic advantages of the new HITS system for businesses across different sectors.

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