The foundation to your business – the product experience is created in a seamless agile process where various experts from our hardware and software teams design the product experience inside out. You achieve your milestones with us and get to see first hand how the best designers, engineers and developers in the World do their magic.

Let’s get together and start drawing your journey from the very beginning. Who is your customer, what are they looking for? Get first innovative sketches of your product or service to support the right decisions.

Start with design

Create a proof of concept with a multi-skilled team

Build on your design direction, formulate and innovate  business model and technology selections. See your ideas come to life.


Our services

Product design and development services by in-house experts

Our product development teams work with you to create the most exciting wireless devices. Haltian can provide exceptional range of in-house expertise for all steps for your product’s R&D – from early feasibility studies to mass production and after sales. We work with the brightest startups as well as Fortune500s. Our teams can create just about any kind of wireless device, consumer or professional.

Product innovation. We work with you to create a holistic product direction. We combine our expertise in design, technology and business innovation to give a fresh start for your new business. We collaborate closely with leading technology suppliers globally to build an amazing product.

Product concept. Our collaboration results in a beautiful product concept. We study various approaches to build a desirable mass manufacturable product at a controlled cost structure.

Product development. Our team develops your product ready for mass manufacturing. We use our finest in-house design & engineering craftsmanship to deliver a premium quality product for your customers.

Manufacturing and after sales. We help you establish your business operations with the support of our international manufacturing and supply chain partners. We will continuously support your business with our care and product update expertise.



Full stack IoT development

Thingsee® by Haltian is a proven way to build and manage your IoT solution. We provide you with custom made sensor devices, a complete IoT devices platform and full stack IoT development and management services. Four steps to new IoT business:

Boarding IoT. We use Thingsee® Evaluation kits to get you the first data from your business context.

Developing a solution prototype. We work with you to establish a true field pilot with measurable results. You get actual data to support the decision making on large scale IoT solution deployment.

Building an IoT solution. We work with our global partners to develop an end to end optimized system. We customize our IoT sensors and gateways, build a full stack cloud solution and establish the operations to support your IoT business deployment.

Launching your solution. We take care of your IoT solution for life. We manage updates, expand and enhance the functionality and give continuous support to your employees on our solution performance and updates.


We connect and collaborate with other world-class companies and the whole Oulu ecosystem to provide our customers with the best possible service. See who’s made the cut.



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