Haltian Empathic Building Introduces Office Days: Simplifying Hybrid Work Scheduling

Haltian Empathic Office workplace application for hybrid work, Office Days feature

We’re excited to announce a new feature in Haltian Empathic Building for Offices: Office Days! Designed to streamline how teams manage their hybrid work schedules, Office Days offers a clear, simple way to plan and communicate when you’ll be working from the office, remotely, or taking time off.

Streamlining In-Person and Remote Work Coordination

Office Days enables users to share their work location plans. This transparency helps colleagues and teams choose the best times for in-person interactions and meetings. By marking office days, everyone in the organization gains clear insights into when team members will be available on-site.

Find and Connect with Colleagues

The feature introduces enhanced search functionalities where employees can look up a colleague’s office schedule directly from the search results.

Additionally, users can search for entire departments to view the office attendance plans of all its members. This makes planning departmental activities and meetings more straightforward.

Office days hybrid working application examples

Integrated Desk Booking and Detailed User Profiles

Office Days integrates desk booking features, allowing users to reserve workspace while marking their office days. If a desk is booked, the system automatically updates the user’s status to “Office” unless privacy settings are set otherwise. Each user’s profile card also displays detailed information, including their office days for the next two weeks, building, specific location, and desk number.

Favorites Feature for Quick Access

For those who frequently collaborate with specific colleagues, the “favorites” feature prioritizes these individuals in your Office Days view when they are in the office, allowing for quicker planning and scheduling.

Office Days is all about making hybrid work easier and more productive. It gives everyone in your organization the visibility they need to make the best decisions about when and where to work, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Start planning your office days today and make the most of your hybrid work environment!

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