Thingsee POD 2 is ready for sales

Thingsee POD 2 with a CE mark

Thingsee POD 2 received CE mark on April 5th 2018. So far we have been delivering engineering samples to our customers, but now you can use Thingsee POD 2 for commercial applications. Thingsee POD2 lets you build various types of applications ranging from quick IoT prototyping to building fully functional Industrial Internet applications and services.

A Tiny yet powerful IoT device for NEW Industrial Internet businesses

Thingsee POD 2 works seamlessly with Thingsee IoT platform. It means you can get a fully functional and fast-to-scale IoT or Industrial internet data layer service from Thingsee. You simply work with us to define device and data layer functionality, run a successful pilot using our offering and start scaling up your solution.

Thingsee solution, application and sensors displayed
Super fast installation means super-fast scale-up

You get to focus on building your business model and we´ll take care of your data collection needs with our growing IoT devices portfolio. Our extensive customization services help you optimize every part of your new Internet of Things solution

Thingsee POD 2 is designed for smart facility and asset tracking applications

Thingsee POD 2 in hand

Thingsee POD 2 is a wireless IoT sensor for building new IoT solutions for a variety of business verticals. Select which sensors you need and we configure your devices accordingly.

Thingsee POD 2 measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, light level, movement and impacts. You can also detect magnets and even get device location using network RSSI location.

  • Configurable: Thingsee POD 2 sensors attributes and interval can be customized with our starter package
  • Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure, ALS, Accelerometer, Magneto Resistive Sensor, RSSI
  • Low power: Get up to two years of usage with two AAA batteries
  • Matchbox sized
  • Wirepas Connectivity or optional Bluetooth Mesh

Getting started is Easy

If you want learn how Thingsee POD 2 could help your business, please schedule a short call with our representative by pressing the button below.
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