Wearable technologies conference Europe 2024

WT europe 24

Join us on April 16-17, 2024 for the World‘s Most Profound and Comprehensive WT Event! This unique event connects you with innovators, high-quality speakers and exhibitors representing the entire wearables value chain, from material solution providers to fully developed healthcare and consumer solutions.

On day 2, Mikä Gröhn from Haltian will give a speech The Role of Wearables in Defining the Future of Healthcare at 1:50 pm!

How to attend

More info and how to attend here.


hbw Conference Center, Munich


April 16 – 17, 2024

Mika Gröhn, Haltian

Mika Gröhn

Head of Sales, Tailormade IoT solutions

Pasi Pentinpuro, Haltian

Pasi Pentinpuro

VP, Custom Projects

Jarno Leskelä, Haltian

Jarno Leskelä

Custom Solutions Expert

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