Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED is a multipurpose wireless IoT sensor for harsh environments.
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Use for

Monitor environmental conditions Monitor machine usage rates Monitor temperature Predictive maintenance

Remote monitoring for harsh environments

100% Wireless IoT device

You can install this wireless IoT device where you need it without worrying about power sources or complicated wiring.

Easy to install and use

Like all Thingsee devices, this device is extremely easy to install and use, and it’s all done in a few seconds!

For rugged environments

This IP67 approved product can be used to measure temperature, orientation and magnetic fields, or to monitor machine usage in extreme conditions, such as factories, industries and even outdoors.

  • Remote condition monitoring

    Power grid insulator temperatures

    Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED is used for the remote monitoring of electric power grid insulator temperature. It enables predictive maintenance, preventing shutdowns caused by broken assets and makes the maintenance work in remote locations efficient.

  • Machine usage monitoring

    More efficiency with IoT solutions

    Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED can be also used to monitor machine usage. Its accelerometer can detect as little as 128mG acceleration, hence when attaching it to a pump or other type of vibrating machine, you can follow its usage level. By combining the power of the machine with its usage time, you can also collect energy consumption levels easily.

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Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED is a wireless IoT device for environmental condition monitoring


Device info
Operating temperature -20°C … +50°C
IP rating grade IP67
Battery life Up to 8 years depending on reporting interval
Radio sensitivity -95 dBm (BTLE)
Weight 35 g
Connectivity Wirepas Mesh
Certifications CE, FCC, ISED and RoHS compliant, RCM