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The new Ōura ring comes with advanced sleep tracking features and daily guidance that helps users align their lifestyle, activities and sleep habits to their natural circadian rhythm – the 24-hour genetic clock that regulates the functions of the human body. Improving sleep and better aligning to your natural circadian rhythm can help users perform better at work, improve their athletic performance and live life at their full capacity.


Creating a sleep tracker and wellness wearable with extreme design

Oura wanted to create a next generation Sleep tracker and Smart Ring wearable. The design direction they chose to follow with their new product required very high product integration, latest technologies and use of premium materials. The new product was to become a wearable design and engineering marvel of its own.

Oura needed the support of a design and engineering partner to extend their team capabilities and work seamlessly on their design. To achieve such an ambitious design the Oura team needed to have proactive top experts in every R&D position.

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Continued co-operation between the companies

Haltian was chosen as a Design and Engineering partner to support Oura´s second generation Sleep Tracker and Smart Ring development. Our collaboration on the first Oura Ring worked well and Oura trusted on Haltian´s capability to support their new product development project with World class software, electronics and mechanics designers and engineers, not to mention Sourcing.

The new Oura Smart Ring is a prime example of what great people can achieve working together. Oura had a very clear vision and plan where to take the product and Haltian supported their product development providing the required special expertise to various product development phases.

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One of the smallest wearables in the world

The new Oura Sleep Tracker and Smart Ring is a true achievement in wearables design and engineering. After public launch someone mentioned “Apple level integration” and we are very happy to say the same.

The ring boasts some powerful features in a very compact form factor. Electronics integration has been taken to an extreme; promising up to 7 days of battery life with gyroscope based activity and optical Heart Rate tracking. Wireless charging provides ease of use, yet more processing power and memory let you enjoy better data day in day out. The medical grade design is water resistant to up to 100 meters and the titanium exterior has a diamond-like carbon coating for better wear resistance.

Did you know that the Oura Sleep Tracker and Smart Ring is one of the smallest wearable devices to date?

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