Thingsee One IoT device

Woman holding Thingsee One IoT development device

Haltian’s story with IoT devices began with Thingsee One, a smart developer device for Internet of Things application and solution development. The device was the starting point for Haltian design for the easier and faster deployment of new IoT applications and services at a lower cost.


Get the data you need from a variety of sensors. Transmit data and events to your application, server or device.


Cut development time and costs significantly by building new products and services with Thingsee IoT platform. The Thingsee Creator visual tool gives your IoT device a designated purpose in just a few clicks.

Thingsee One IoT developed device used by young engineer


Thingsee Operating System (OS) has a smart purpose engine that makes it possible to create events of the sensor data on the device. It has an ultra-low-power hardware design with adaptive power consumption and it’s designed for mobility with cellular connectivity and long battery life. Thingsee One is ready for immediate use and is both weatherproof and impact resistant. Thingsee One has a wide variety of power-optimized MEMS sensors: 3D accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, temperature, humidity, pressure and ambient light, coated by A-GPS and GNSS location tracking. Also its wireless local connectivity with WLAN and future proof Bluetooth LE 4.1 brings the device quite outstanding characteristics.

Thingsee One IoT device in a windowsill next to pens

Thingsee One has been discontinued as Haltian has moved to B2B IoT services, but Haltian IoT devices can still to the same things, so check out our products!

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