Behind Impossible Things Made Easy

foggy mountain Haltian mood board

To celebrate Haltian’s journey and the new decade, at the end of last year we renewed our brand with a new message and a new look. Impossible Things Made Easy, our new slogan came as a result of reviewing the Haltian journey so far with people who had been with us from the very beginning, as well as people who have joined the company more recently.

Looking back at our story and the wonderful projects we have done, it seemed only fitting to say that we have managed to do the impossible not just once, but many times! Not ones to back down from a challenge, Haltian’s are known to exceed customer expectations. One of our core values is to be a trusted expert for our customers so that they can focus on their business while we take care of the technology.

“Haltian is a world-class product development team with a No-Bullshit approach and endless creativity. We trust Haltian to deliver on our ambition to create modern precision instruments.”

Rhys Newman, Founder, OMATA

Inspiration from Finnish nature

To accompany the new words, we also freshened up our look to take us to the new 20s. Keeping in mind our story and history, we drew inspiration from Finnish nature and our name, Haltian.  Halti fell is the highest peak in Finland, and we want to take our customers to the highest peak with us.

We believe that our new message and look represent the very cores of Haltian as a company: we want to help our customers do the impossible by always doing better, aiming to open new possibilities and reaching new heights.

Looking forward to what the new 20s will bring us!

Designing Omata One

What is the Haltian way of product design?

Creating something new takes courage, experience, and seamless teamwork. With those ingredients you can get an award-winning smart device, not just a nice one!

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