How to install Thingsee COUNT people counting sensor

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How to install the Thingsee COUNT people counting sensor device? Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do it!

Remember to check the detailed installation instructions from our support pages.

What’s Thingsee COUNT?

Thingsee COUNT is a people-counting solution in one package that is convenient, safe, and reliable. The device is installed above a doorway or other passageway from where it detects movement beneath the device and reports the amount of times movement has been detected as well as its direction. Thingsee COUNT can be used for various facility management applications related to utilization rate, visitor counting, statistics, and more. Typical use cases for Thingsee COUNT are visitor counting and utilization monitoring for meeting rooms and other spaces.

Why choose Thingsee COUNT for your office?

The modern workspace needs to offer the best possible working conditions for many different ways of working. At the same time, facility managers and company leaders are searching for ways to optimize office space usage.

To optimize your spaces without making any sacrifices to employee experience, you need to understand how your current spaces are used. Having a reliable people counting system in place is a vital part of optimizing the space usage of your office.

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