Loud and clear

Snowfox antenna construction

We pride ourselves as being a world-class provider of wireless products, and the people at Haltian certainly know how to make highly durable and usable products that are always optimised in terms of component size and performance. And at the heart of each product, the thing that that makes it wireless in the most basic sense of the word, is the antenna. As with other areas of design work, Haltian’s antenna design is based on the latest technology, top-tier competence and reliable partnerships.

Our employees average nearly two decades in the mobile device industry, and have worked in tens of completed product projects. Haltian has been able to attract the best designers in the region, both in professional and personal sense. Once you manage to recruit a few talented engineers who are also fun to work with, joining the team becomes a lot easier for the late comers.

The role of seamless cooperation in the antenna design work cannot be emphasised enough. It is a closely synchronised effort between the antenna designer and the mechanics, RF and PWB engineers. We are lucky to have top people in those areas, which results in a situation where all sides are constantly challenged and spurred on to reach the best results.

Not only is the collaboration inside Haltian seamless, so is the work done in cooperation with our partner network. Companies like Verkotan and Antcore are essential in measuring the antenna performance. Also, it definitely does not hurt that both companies employ professionals with whom we share so much history.

As for the actual end results of the antenna design work, each new project seems to be more interesting and challenging than the previous. We are currently working on some stuff that makes our engineers come up with really novel and exciting solutions. One recent example, and probably the most fun one, is the Snowfox product, where the cellular antenna was placed into a fabric tag outside the product chassis. This allowed our designers to make the product smaller and also improve the antenna performance.

Solutions like the one described above are only going to become more and more common if we are to make any conclusions based on the recent influx of wearables. With wireless products currently the size of a ring, and future solutions promised to become even smaller, the need for design expertise that knows its way around super small components and optimised performance is on the rise. Haltian is, and will be, at the forefront of the design service providers that shape the future of wireless technology.