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What’s the best smart ring strategy for creating a blue ocean market?

Companies and brands are trapped in crowded Red Ocean markets, which are typified by intense competition, continuous price pressure, and no room for differentiation. It is increasingly difficult to navigate out of these saturated and commoditized markets into the Blue Ocean – a profitable market with no competition. Successful Blue Ocean strategy requires companies courage to differentiate their offerings radically to deliver buyers unprecedented utility and value to make the cutthroat Red Ocean competition irrelevant.

Haltian smart ring whitepaper explains why the Smart Ring is the next essential wearable form-factor and what makes it an innovation platform that can enable brands, manufacturers and service providers differentiate their offering, and to find their way to the Blue Ocean market. The whitepaper will detail what the most popular Smart Ring product segments currently are and forecasts how the market and technology will evolve in the near future. Last but not least, it highlights which product development and go-to-market strategies companies can choose.

haltian smart ring whitepaper download