When Entertainment Meets Innovation: The Telia Story

Demonstrating the Power of Technology to Engage with Employees in Spacious Offices

The Telia Company organizes a Treasure Hunt for its employees in one of its biggest offices – with 10 floors and 40.000m2. Empathic Building solution helps to make it happen in less than a day.

People-Centric Mindset at the Core

Telia Company provides communication services helping millions of people to be connected and communicate, do business and be entertained (Telia Company website, 2022). Telia Company’s people approach is expressed in values “dare, care and simplify”, which also drives how the company connects with its more than 20,000 employees. However, as many organizations these days, Telia Company faced a big challenge: how to encourage people to come to the office? With more people physically present, it is much easier to facilitate collaboration and engagement with and between employees. As a result of collaboration, the productivity increases, while the higher engagement rates positively affect the commitment.

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New Technology Applications for Modern Challenges

In 2020, Telia Company has deployed Empathic Building solution with the initial goal to make people life in the office easier in terms of navigation at the premises, finding colleagues and suitable place to work. Many things have changed over the course of the past two years and the challenge to facilitate interaction between employees in huge offices amplified, especially with many people working remotely. Telia Company decided to think innovatively and discovered that Empathic Building can be a perfect tool for this challenge.

Treasure Hunt: The Next Level of Office Entertainment

As one possible way to attract people to come to the office, Telia has organized a Treasure Hunt game event. The idea of the game was to find treasures hidden across the countless office floors. But how much time and patience would it take to check all 10 floors by simply walking? Probably hours. To make it easier, the treasure places were marked on the digital office map in Empathic Building software, showing where the treasure can be found or the keyword clue of its place.

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The amount of treasures was limited, so the speed mattered. But even for those hunters, who was not lucky or fast enough, there was still a way to get a treasure – by locating a facility manager person on the map and then trying to catch him or her in the office and asking for a treasure. So the chosen hunting target could be moving or static.

People at the office enjoyed the game and we will continue using Empathic Building to organize similar entertainment events internally.

Mikka Tran, Real Estate, Telia Company

Driving Employee Engagement and Supporting Company Culture

Telia Company organized an entertaining event for its employees in less than half a day with the help of Empathic Building software. The event encouraged people to come to the office, contributed to community building and strengthened employee engagement in the modern realities of remote work and in the huge office building, which would be impossible without enabling technology tool.

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