Rightsize your workplace

Measure the True Space Utilization

Leverage the power of building data for occupancy analytics – rightsize your office spaces with powerful reporting insights.


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The Problem: No visibility into workplace’s dynamic reality

Companies lack real-time data on workplace occupancy and space use
● Employees are returning to office to collaborate but does your office design support it? How do you know?
● New office designs are being implemented but do they work?

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The Solution: Real-Time, True Workplace Analytics

Empathic Building is a key data collection and visualisation tool that provides insights into how the building is used, so you can:

● Flexible wireless solution that requires no new infrastructure
● Real-time occupancy data on desks, meeting rooms, corridors and collaboration spaces
● Occupancy data visualized as dashboards and heat maps on real-life floorplans
● Easily expandable with Energy Saving, Air Quality, Employee Experience and Smart Cleaning features

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