The first cross-domain large-scale platform project that involves key players in the domains of security, safety, privacy, automotive, health and rail, targeted to maximize consumer trust in autonomous vehicles.
Smart cars and autonomous vehicles driving in the city

Addressing the need

Secure technology to buy trust and boost business

One in four potential buyer of autonomous vehicles do not trust them to be secure and are reluctant to buy one. This lack of trust is an enormous challenge for European original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that aim to remain competitive and world leaders. SECREDAS focuses on taking a huge step on cyber security and safe technology for connected and automated vehicles. The technology SECREDAS envisions, could be of use not only in the areas of automated systems in the automotive domain, but also in the domains of rail and health.

Automotive & Personal Health

Securing vehicles requires integrated solutions covering sensors, communication and processing. Accidents are more than often caused by tiredness, distraction, or bad state-of-mind drivers. Monitoring physical parameters of the driver will detect and prevent risk situations.

Solutions increasingly use cloud for data storage and applications. Anonymized data can be de-anonymized, since sophisticated algorithms can cross-refence generated biometric data with digital. Solid solutions are needed to develop trust among professionals and individuals, especially for wearables.

smart secure autonomous car
Railway Transportation

Electronic building blocks supervise safe movements of rail vehicles. The use of devices that are connected by modern communication technology is growing with the use of European Train Control Systems (ETCS) and the required infrastructure is becoming more standardized.

They provide higher efficiency and contribute to solutions that are better in economical and ecological terms. As they use standardized interfaces and components, they are also potential targets. It is necessary to provide security solutions that keep the passengers safe and the critical infrastructure intact.

autonomous secure train railway
connected secure network of devices

SECREDAS: Cyber Security for Cross-Domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems

Taking a huge step on cyber security and safe technology for connected and automated vehicles by proposing a significant innovative solution for Safety, Security and Privacy in automated systems.

Autonomous self-driving vehicles

Project Overview

By using new design and development methodologies to integrate cross-domain cybersecurity and safety related technologies, 70 European research and industrial partners from 16 countries take an important step toward increasing consumer trust in Europe’s transportation (vehicles, rail and aerospace), as well as medical industries.

The high-level goal of SECREDAS is to propose a significant & innovative solution for Safety, Security and Privacy dedicated for automated systems. SECREDAS addresses safety, security and privacy in the development of connected platforms from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Several objectives have been set and met during the course of the project:
To create high-level cross-domain reference architecture & design patterns to be embedded in-domain specific solutions
Common security & privacy protecting components to be used in the domain-specific solutions
Integration of components in dedicated subsystems, demonstrated from the perspective of security, safety & privacy protection
Raise public & industry awareness for a smoother user acceptance of the SECREDAS technology
It will focus on multi-sector demonstrations showing how to withstand hacking & attacking of the key components and systems.

security reference architecture cars


The key innovation of SECREDAS was secure and reliable communication gateways and networks, data links among vehicles as well as between humans, vehicles and infrastructure. The project emphasis has been on the following elements:
new secured sensor and communication networks in vehicles
future reference architectures for automated systems
optimal communication between vehicles, remote/road-side entities, and other transport
modes (including vulnerable road users)
improved safety of automated vehicles among other vehicles and users
increasing public trust towards automated and cooperative systems.

AdobeStock 224332680

Automakers are actively working on defining and implementing adequate levels of security against attacks in today’s products. More research is required to provide the highest possible robustness. The resulting design principles have potential to be applied and refined for automation.

E. Shladover & R. Bishop , EU-US symposium on Automated Vehicles (April 14-15, 2015).

smart city and communication network

Project Consortium

The SECREDAS consortium consists of 70 partners from 16 countries. It is well balanced in terms of research, industry and public sector collaboration, with 22 large industry, 23 SMEs, 9 universities, 14 research institutions and 2 public sector representatives.

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SECREDAS has received funding within the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) in collaboration with the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme (H2020/2014- 2020) and National Authorities, under grant agreement n° 783119.

The project successfully completed!

Duration: 01/05/2019 – 01/10/2021

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