Industrial Design

At Haltian, user experience is in the DNA of our product development process and daily work. In hardware and mechanics, the most concrete part of the experience is the industrial design meaning shape, form, look & feel, manufacturing technologies, post-processes, surface finishes, and raw materials. Ergonomics and usability details such as the location and tactility of the buttons is a good example of things that simply cannot be compromised. At Haltian, testing several different key variants with different tactility characteristics is a standard process! Devil lives in the details.

It’s also about a certain mindset of stepping into the role of the end-user and taking the needed efforts to design and engineer every detail from the unboxing through daily usage to the end of lifetime sustainable disposal. Our engineering team’s vast expertise in materials science and manufacturing processes is adopted to support this, not wise versa, as is the case with so many other engineering offices.

Mood boards, sketches of various levels, rapid prototyping, material samples, high quality renderings, benchmarks, 3D/space analysis, DF/ DFM analysis, and functional appearance models are all tools for everyday industrial design work.

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