Production testing

The production of electronic devices is somewhat complex and even though only accredited suppliers are used, there is always that tiny possibility to have production defects or just human error. Therefore, every single product is carefully tested at the factory prior to shipping and packing. In fact, every product is tested (at least) twice: first assembled PCB is tested including individual serial number provisioning, and then fully assembled device is tested using another set of tests. In some cases, additional tests for e.g. sub-assembly like antenna modules are also necessary.  

Production Testing is sometimes mixed with design validation but this is not the case. While the scope of the design validation testing confirms the performance of the product, the production testing scope is to find defects and prevent defective products from entering customers. 

Haltian has developed a production testing system for many products. Haltian’s own production testing system – HEAT – can be used as a basis for production testing and only the necessary product-specific changes can be made to it. We can also develop production testing for the product using commercial solutions. 

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