Office starter kit

Accurately measure occupancy and air quality with our office starter kit. Gain data transparency and try our no-risk package for factual insights.
Empathic Building for offices - Get your office starter kit

Office starter kit 

Stop guessing. Start measuring!​

Gain valuable insights into your office space with our accurate and reliable office starter kit. Our kit provides factual information on your occupancy and air quality, so you can make informed decisions to improve the well-being of your employees.

Our comprehensive workplace solution provide the answers to your most pressing questions about office occupancy, space needs, and activity-based working. Our tool help assess and optimize space usage, evaluate new areas and furniture designs, and reduce your CO2 footprint. Plus, we provide support in navigating the often-complicated processes of IT, works council, and data protection. Experience a seamless implementation of your new workplace strategy with our expert team by your side.

Contact us today to learn more about how our data capabilities can be applied in your organization and how we can provide the transparency you need to make informed decisions.


Office starter kit in a nutshell

Package includes:

  • A one-day workshop at your premises with our workplace experts to show you the best practices, understand your challenges, and show you what the technology is capable of, Q&A, and set up an approach roadmap
  • Digital twin of 1000 sqm with all necessary occupancy and air quality sensors
  • Access and test Empathic Building features
  • Installation & deinstallation of sensors
  • Data collection, service, and maintenance for 6 Months
  • Reporting, consulting and interpretation of data, formulation of tangible actions
  • Price of € 4.485 (Limited offer for Worktech event attendees)

Ready to start your journey?

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