Occupancy sensors and data reporting with the fastest wireless setup.

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Cost-effective and reliable workplace occupancy monitoring solution

Unhappy with your existing occupancy technology or ready to start measuring your workplace occupancy for better decisions? Haltian’s office occupancy monitoring solution offers a flexible subscription model and the most reliable occupancy technology setup for your workplace.

Use as a service

All-in-one Workplace Occupancy Monitoring

Off the shelf solution from a single vendor.

Wireless & outside of your network

• No infrastructure costs, completely wireless • Sensors replacements and maintenance included • Mobile connectivity included • Secure technology, ISO27001 certified

Accurate & reliable occupancy detection

• Real-time occupancy data of desks, rooms and other areas • Visualization of data on the office floor plan and as dashboards • Data export • Privacy-safe

Transparent pricing & tailored subscription

• No upfront and hidden costs • Flexible in subscription scope and length • Volume discounts

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Transparent pricing, complete solution and maintenance

Occupancy sensors, set up and visual data monitoring software with no upfront costs. Maintenance and free sensor replacement included.

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Accurate, reliable and privacy-safe occupancy detection

Contrary to the inaccurate camera-based occupancy sensors, Passive InfraRed (PIR) occupancy detection is the reliable investment. Get the most accurate workplace occupancy data, together with insightful visualisation.

Zero infrastructure hassle

Our solution seamlessly integrates with any existing IT infrastructure. Haltian wireless occupancy sensors use an independent mobile network and are set up in hours without disrupting daily operations. Whether deployed in open-plan workspaces, meeting rooms, or desks, the accurate and fastest workplace occupancy monitoring is guaranteed.

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