Meet Haltian at Bosch Connected World 2018

Thingsee hub on a yellow background

Feb 21-22 2018 Berlin

Come and talk IoT with us

Meet Haltian at Bosch Connected World 2018! You want to boost your business with IoT sensor data? Come and see what has recently been built with Haltian’s Thingsee IoT platform.

ABI research whitepaper front page

On week 8 we will release an ABI Research case study on large scale customer IoT solution. Stay tuned for more!

Check out our latest work

All Haltian IoT devices and gateways on a table

The effort free IoT devices platform

Small, secure and easy to install. Our sensors and gateways fit into almost any environment, and are ready to start collecting data out of the box, anywhere in the World.

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Ōura ring – award winning wearable

The new Ōura ring comes with advanced sleep tracking features and daily guidance that helps users align their lifestyle, activities and sleep habits to their natural circadian rhythm – the 24-hour genetic clock that regulates the functions of the human body. Improving sleep and better aligning to your natural circadian rhythm can help users perform […]

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