Q2 Top News

Finnish summer at a sunny lake

We’ve had an exciting spring and beginning of summer. Here are the most important news, blog posts and events from Q2.

Top news and blog posts

New Smart Factory Solution launched, a fantastic new customer reference and 5G cameras changing the world of imaging.

Thingsee IoT Summit 2019

Thingsee smooth factory berry banner

On 21st of May Haltian held the second Thingsee IoT Summit ever. At the event, Haltian launched a new Smart factory solution ‘Smooth Factory’ and released new IoT devices.

Read the wrap up of the event, watch the live recorning and download Thingsee Smart Factory Device Catalog.

Haltian Thingsee awarded Design from Finland mark

Thingsee family awarded Design from Finland Mark

The Design from Finland mark of the Association for Finnish Work can be awarded for a product, product group or service that strongly represents Finnish design competence.

Read all about it here.

Gore and Haltian take garment field testing into the 21st century

Thingsee activity garment usage monitoring IoT device

Read how we made the most accurate garment field testing solution in the world for W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore). The solutions includes a new field test sensor Thingsee Activity, a small button-like sensor that can be attached to clothing to measure various data.

Read the case study here.

What will 5G mean for imaging?

imaging, smart camera, 5G camera, product development

We have already seen some examples of 5G cameras in action during the 2018 Winter Olympics and MWC 2019.

Read our blog post on 5G imaging and the possibilities it offers for security, industry and healthcare.

New devices

Our brand new devices introduced in Thingsee IoT Summit are Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED, Thingsee ANGLE and Thingsee GATEWAY LAN.

Haltian Thingsee product family

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT RUGGED is a multipurpose wireless wensor for harsh environments, such as factories, industries or outdoors.

Thingsee ANGLE is a wireless IoT sensor that can be used to measure the angle of any rotational object such as if a valve is open or close. More specifically, it is possible to know the absolute valve’s angle.

Thingsee GATEWAY LAN is the foundation for an on-site adge IoT solution. It is Ethernet connected and USB-C powered.

Download Thingsee Family Catalog here.


Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Finland — Haltians have attended many interesting events all over the world. Here are some highlights!

Tom Lindgren at Interclean Show Haltian stand in Istanbul

Tom Lindgren from Haltian went to Interclean Show Istabul in April. We showcased our Smart Washroom Solutions.

Paulo Lopes and Kari Kivistö attended the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona, intoroducing our Product Development Services.

Another great event was Arctic15 in Helsinki. Pasi Leipälä, Janne Kilpeläinen, Jarno Leskelä and Kari Kivistö visited this “little brother of Slush” in May, meeting many interesting prospects for future co-operation.

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