Thingsee POWERCOVER is a power supply accessory for selected Thingsee sensor devices. It provides up to 10 years of extended battery life for wireless sensor devices.
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Use for

Extended battery life

Extended battery life for selected Thingsee IoT devices

Both battery and micro-USB powered

This IoT device works with both battery power, and through a micro-USB connector for continuous power and unlimited operational time.

Easy to install and use

Like all Thingsee devices, Thingsee POWERCOVER extremely easy to install and use, and it’s all done in a few seconds!

  • Compatible devices

    Smart building IoT devices

    Thingsee POWERCOVER can be used as a power source for the Thingsee PRESENCE, and Thingsee ENVIRONMENT IoT devices in cases where extremely long operating time without battery change is needed.

  • Smart system for power management

    Flexible powersource

    Thingsee POWERCOVER works with 3 AA Lithium batteries which provide Thingsee  IoT sensor devices up to 10 years of battery life.
    In addition to the battery power, Thingsee POWERCOVER can be powered through a micro-USB connector for continuous power and unlimited operational time. When available, the device will prefer the USB-power and switches to that from the battery power. It will also switch back to the battery power if the micro-USB power is lost. This provides extra power security during possible power outbreaks.

Thingsee POWERCOVER IoT device for extended battery life
Thingsee POWERCOVER IoT device powersource


Device info
Operating temperature -20°C … +50°C
IP rating grade IP40
Battery life Up to 10 years
Can be powered through micro-USB
Certifications CE, FCC, ISED and RoHS compliant
Weight 100 g (including batteries)