Haltian offers an easy way to IoT

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Haltian CEO Pasi Leipälä was interviewed for Business Class magazine about our IoT solutions. Here’s our recap of the interview.

Internet of Things offers many possibilities for companies and enterprises to improve their operations and profitability. Contrary to popular belief, building and deploying an IoT system can be easy and simple.

“Unlike many other IoT service providers, we offer practically everything to do with an IoT project. We have technology that has been developed and actualized by us, and we can both alter and control it ourselves. Typically our IoT solutions create new business for our customers and bring saving to their existing operations.”

Pasi Leipälä, CEO & co-founder, Haltian Oy

Pasi Leipälä, Haltian CEO, showcasing Thingsee devices and software
Haltian CEO Pasi Leipälä showing Thingsee IoT devices and applications.

Haltian has been developing easy-to-use IoT solutions since 2013 and its end-to-end solution has now been fine-tuned with over 160 different business customers. Typical IoT customers are, for example, facility management companies, hygiene companies, and logistics and industrial companies.

“During these six years we have seen the challenges of deploying scalable IoT solutions and we have developed a solution that tackles those challenges”.

Get your IoT solution up and running fast

The basis for the Thingsee IoT solution platform was the want to create a fully optimized and transparent IoT solution for current and future customers. The kind of platform that would be both cost-efficient and offer the full benefits of IoT.

“We offer ready solutions in three different segments: Smart Washrooms, Smart Facilities, and Smart Factories and Logistics solutions. We have focused our business on these three areas so that we can service our customers quickly. We can also deliver customized IoT solutions for any kind of business. We offer truly end-to-end solutions that are easily integrated into our customer’s existing operations.”

Thingsee presence sensor under the table

Short time-to-money

“Our cost-efficient system architecture gives our offering great competitive edge. The fastest we have seen wide system installations pay themselves back is six months. That’s extremely fast.” Leipälä concludes.

Read the original article (in Finnish) here.