C-THRU Navigator – Ground-breaking Visual Communication and Personal Navigation platform

C-THRU is an amazing visual communication platform designed for firefighters and others doing critical work in challenging environments. Read how Haltian helped Qwake Technologies create this life-saving device.
c-thru-thermal camera device product development

Qwake Technologies is a startup revolutionizing safety, performance and communications in life-critical environments. C-THRU is a next-level visual communication platform that is designed for firefighters to use in the field. C-THRU allows firefighters to navigate to a particular location and to see the silhouettes of otherwise indiscernible objects and people through smoke. C-THRU also allows the fire control to see the streaming image from the camera and communicate with the firefighters while they are going through a rescue operation.

Qwake Technologies came to Haltian with an idea for a groundbreaking thermal camera device that would save lives. What they needed, was a product development partner with excellent hardware capabilities and experience with smart imaging devices.


Wearable and robust hands-free thermal imaging and communications device

Poor visibility due to smoke significantly hinders firefighters’ ability to perform their duties and can costs lives. Qwake Technologies, with experience from the field of firefighting themselves, wanted to create a device that allowed firefighters to see in places that are dark and filled with smoke. In addition, the Qwake Technologies wanted a product that would allow the fire control to see live image from the field and communicate easily with the firefighters, yet another life-saving feature when every second counts.

When the co-operation with Haltian began, Qwake Technologies had already made some proof of concept (POC) devices and some early prototypes, which meant that they had a good idea on the feasibility of their product and how it would work. The team at Qwake Technologies had expertise in firefighting and software engineering and algorithms, as well as Industrial Design, mechanics and UI/UX design. Haltian brought the needed hardware and integration talent to the team.

From the very start, the customer had a very detailed idea on what features and components their product ought to have, including a heads-up display, laser and a certain number of buttons with certain functionalities.


Product development in co-operation

Haltian was chosen as the product development partner for C-THRU due to our expertise, experience and various references in the field imaging with Specim and Senop HSC-2 hyperspectral cameras.

The product development began with a concept design phase where the customer was given the initial big picture of all the different stages of the development process, including a more detailed description on what problems the product would solve and, most importantly, how it would solve them.

The project was done in close co-operation with the customer, and many stages of the project were done together with the Qwake Technologies team.

The product development phase included:

  • Concept design
  • Mechanics design
  • Hardware design and integration
  • Industrial design
  • SW & HW API layers
  • Component planning
  • Two sets of prototypes for testing and trials


c-thru visual communication platform and device for firefighters by qwake technologies


A groundbreaking and impactful product

” The results of the C-THRU project are fantastic! This is a truly phenomenal product that has a lot of importance. As a product development challenge, it was complex and intriguing, and once again we can say that no one has ever done anything like this before.” Haltian VP of product development services, Pasi Pentinpuro, states.

The most important results of the product are, of course, the results gotten in the field while using C-THRU. In testing of the product, the customer discovered that on average, it takes about 4 minutes for a firefighter to find an unconscious victim on a fire site. Whereas using C-THRU, it took less than half the time for the firefighter to find the person. Needless to say, this is a huge improvement that can both save lives and increase the safety of firefighters on their job.

Qwake Technologies is now taking pre-orders for C-THRU

Because of the engineering and communications experience that Haltian has in-house, and more importantly the enthusiastic and accommodating team, we were able to nimbly work our way through many challenges and inevitable obstacles. I look forward to working with them again.

Mike Ralston, MS MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Firefighter

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