HEAT - Haltian Engineering Almighty Tool

Haltian’s continuous effort to make sure our customers get the full benefits of all our expertise has made us a valuable partner for many companies. It is also why we designed and developed HEAT, software that has the potential to become one of the most important tools for daily R&D work. It ensures the presence of quality and verification in all phases of product development and thus extends and strengthens Haltian’s already significant service selection. Having already showed its significance and versatility in the development work for products in which electronics design and highly optimized software engineering play a critical role, HEAT can be used during R&D phase to verify electronics layouts, components and connections, as a central piece of control software that is run during production on a factory line. It can be also used as an end user and service point tool for basic backup and restore, firmware updates and diagnostics.

HEAT utilizes an easy-to-use graphical UI, and enables both single test and test queue execution and flexible test report creation. It boasts a versatile instrumentation support, and we can tailor its already comprehensive flashing support based on customer needs. HEAT will be used during all product development phases at Haltian, for both internal and external customers, to guarantee premium quality development work. It is also possible to license HEAT as a software service. Haltian will provide the necessary SW engineering resources to customize the SW to suit customer’s hardware, peripherals, production testing system, and end-user diagnostics services and backend solutions.

Haltian Strengths

Haltian’s team of electronics and low-level software engineers has a deep and extensive knowledge of low-level software engineering and complex electronics design and manufacturing. All that expertise has played a significant role in the creation of HEAT, and the end product is a valuable asset for both Haltian’s customers and Haltian itself.

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You can check out the HEAT feature list in more detail from the blog link below.