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We promise designs without compromises

We at Haltian have solved several industrial design challenges that other service companies have deemed impossible. Oura, Specim and Omata are good examples of companies who chose us to take the difficult job. By the end of the day, they were very pleased they did.

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How we can start? – We are honest with our capabilities. That is why we start every project with an open discussion with the client. We are extremely interested to hear about your thoughts, targets and technologies you have been considering. In case your targets and our capabilities truly meet we are happy to offer our expertise for your service.

With this Red Dot campaign, we offer you one hour free R&D ideation meeting with our development experts.  Give a look at great examples below and book a meeting with us.

Oura Ring Red_dot-02

Oura Smart Ring

Oura had a very clear vision and plan on how to make a revolution in measuring body signals. We supported Oura in the product development by filling the fabulous design with all the required electronic components and software. In case implementation of your future product requires extreme low power solution we are happy to help.

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Specim Red_dot-03

Specim IQ

Specim wanted to make the smallest hyperspectral camera ever with a great user experience. We supported Specim both in the specification, development and production planning. We helped them to squeeze several devices and 75 kilos into one handheld device weighing 1,5kilos. In case your planned products require extreme miniaturisation it would be great to talk with you.

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Omata One structure

Omata Speedometer

Omata designers wanted an “old school” bicycle computer with all the modern day digital features and a great user experience. This was a challenge our experts really loved; mechanical UI with analogue display, small size and design that takes you back in time. We would be happy to help you to combine the analogue and digital world in one package.

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