Thingsee IoT solution for facility management

Facility management is characterized by the constant need to optimize processes while always ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and safety. The maintenance of buildings is heading towards more automation and digital solution are starting to play a bigger role in modern facility management.

Here’s how Haltian Thingsee IoT sensor technology for occupancy and utilization monitoring, smart cleaning, and remote condition monitoring increases efficiency, performance, and safety in facility management

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Benefits of using IoT in facility management

Improved customer and employee satisfaction

IoT in facility management will help you improve customer and employee satisfaction, and well-being with clean and healthy working environments.

In addition, smart solutions save time and allow employees to focus on their work by removing everyday working life frictions by helping you coordinate teams and share information.

Reduced operating costs

Smart solutions reduce costs by helping you use space more efficiently by gathering occupancy and utilization data. With IoT sensors, you can make significant energy savings by optimizing heating and air conditioning as well.

Facility management sensors help keep track of the necessary metrics, like occupancy, temperature, humidity, air quality, and maintain optimal levels automatically.

IoT use cases for facility management

Occupancy and utilization monitoring

Knowing how much, when, and which spaces are used is essential for efficient facility management. With IoT occupancy and visitor counting sensors, facility managers can follow real-time usage data, and collect reports for an extensive overview of space utilization.

Occupancy data also allows the buildings’ occupants to find free spaces and desks effortlessly.

Thingsee presence sensor under the table, smart buildings and occupancy monitoring
Thingsee PRESENCE occupancy sensor installed under a desk

Haltian offers full occupancy, utilization, and people-counting solutions for smart facility management. Haltian Thingsee PRESENCE is a wireless IoT sensor for measuring people presence through your facility in real-time. Thingsee COUNT people counting sensor is a non-camera-based people counting solution that tracks movement and its direction, counting how many people are occupying a space at a given time.

Smart cleaning

Cleaning is moving from scheduled checks towards on-demand or data-based cleaning. By using IoT sensors, the workload of cleaning personnel is optimized the time spent on actual cleaning chores is increased for better customer satisfaction. As a result, excellent customer satisfaction, good hygiene levels, and facility infection control are continuously met.

Dispenser fill level monitoring with IoT sensor devices
Well-stocked washroom ensure good hygiene and high customer satisfaction

Our solution is based on smart IoT sensors placed in the washroom to measure the consumption of supplies in dispensers and count the facility usage with people counters.

Retrofittable sensors measure the distance inside dispensers and recognize and alert about roll consumption and refill needs. Occupancy sensors are counting the people using the facilities providing usage-level data for any facility management application.

Dispenser level monitoring also helps maintain an accurate stock count across various departments creating savings in paper and towel usage.

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Remote condition monitoring

By collecting environmental and activity data and using predictive analytics, IoT-based facilities management systems can alert about potentially dangerous situations without the need for in-person checks. Remote condition monitoring can be done using Thingsee ENVIRONMENT multipurpose IoT device to monitor factors such as temperature and humidity and real-time. Other remote monitoring devices include leakage detection with Thingsee LEAKAGE RUGGED device.

Machine usage monitoring

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT can also be used for machine usage monitoring: it is installed on, for example, HVAC units or water pumps to monitor their vibration to measure their utilization and predict any maintenance needs.

Our solution

Haltian has developed an IoT solution to provide real-time information for optimized facility management operations. We simplify IoT in facility management by providing you with everything you need to collect data all the way from IoT hardware, global connectivity, and cloud solution to simple integration to your IoT data solution. We offer a blug-and-play solution that works globally and scales to thousands of buildings with zero configuration needed!


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