Nordic engineering

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We at Haltian are a Nordic engineering company, offering product development services from the top of the World.

Haltian is a trusted partner in top secret and other sensitive projects, such as tactical communications projects.

Throughout the product development process, we own the project management. Our extensive competence in project management, driven by user experience, allows us to drive the project from the idea you have into mass-production capable devices.

We are a trusted partner, with experience in the most challenging areas of product development. 

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Nordic engineering

We offer an experienced team of world-class engineers, rewarded designers and innovators to your service. Over the years we have gained a super wide range of expertise from extreme miniaturization of wearable devices to developing complex systems like the world’s first portable hyperspectral camera.

With us, you can trust that none of your information is dripped from our project team, and no one else will benefit from the product designs.

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High-quality engineering

We pride ourselves in the quality of our created products. Our customers have gained coveted awards for co-created products, such as the Red Dot Design award for Oura and Specim.

Our high-quality engineering includes hardware design, industrial design and wireless design, especially for miniaturized wireless or wearable devices. All of our hardware and software disciplines work seamlessly together, based on our unique experiences over working for decades around these matters.

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Top secret projects

90% of our projects are highly confidential, with state-of-the-art products as results. Our customers value privacy around these matters and we respect their will around this.

On a general level, we have created products in tactical communications, high-security environments, and imaging.

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Tactical communications

We at Haltian have strong expertise in advanced tactical radio and communication equipment development.

All tactical devices and services are always custom developed per clients’ requirements and meet the toughest standards, e.g. RF and antenna performance engineering and compliance expertise regarding MIL, CE, and FCC requirements.

90% of our projects are secret with state-of-the-art products as a result. Read our selected references to get an idea of our capabilities:

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